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I'll Admit It, I Want More Of It

I don't have enough of it and this stresses me out. I made a choice to pursue a path that has the potential for one to earn a lot of money, yet, currently, I am not earning much of it.

I have a healthy relationship with money - how to save it, spend it, build it, use it. Yet, I don't earn much of it and this bothers me greatly. At this stage of my life, I envisioned earning much more of it and having a large savings. This is not my reality.

Money may not buy happiness, yet it allows you to pay bills, buy what you want and what you need. And, this, contributes to your peace of mind which can make you happy. I am happy, yet stressed out.

I think about money often, probably because I don't have it, so thoughts of money flood my mind. And, this can be crazy making.

I like the idea of money. I like having money on me. Money, for me, represents freedom. When I have money, I have the freedom to buy what I want when I want. Without money, my options are severely limited and I feel stuck.

I know a few people who judge people who have money as if having made certain choices in their lives that created opportunities to earn a lot of money is wrong. There is nothing wrong with earning money. There is nothing wrong with exchanging your time for money. There is nothing wrong with being paid your worth in money for your skills, talent or abilities.

I am dedicated to making new choices that result in me exchanging my time, talent and knowledge for money that is equivalent to my worth.

A misquoted quote is: money is the root of all evil.

The correct biblical quote is: The love of money is the root of all evil.

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