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It's Five O'clock Somewhere

Having my evening martini is a happy ritual in my daily routine. I have the makings out and sitting on the counter by five o’clock just about every night. Usually I make a Cosmo. But if I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll try some sort of champagne drink. When it’s hot and humid, the honeysuckle vodka and peach schnapps martini topped with champagne is especially refreshing. It’s all about the smell of the fresh lemon twist that goes in it.

The daily routine of having a cocktail as we prepare dinner is something I’ve enjoyed with my husband. He’s a much better bartender than I am, and his drinks are generous. We also have our favorite bar, where not only does the bartender know our name, but he also knows our drink order. Sitting at the bar and enjoying a drink together is our happy place. It makes us feel away from it all.

Since my husband has taken a job out-of-state, the bar trips are now few and far between. While I still make my drink in every evening, I’ve established two strict rules: no drink before five o’clock and only one. I figure drinking alone could be a slippery slope.

Could I change my routine? I hope so. I like to think I could. I’ve even considered trying to. Cutting out that daily cocktail might help get rid of those extra five pounds. There are so many pleasant sensations surrounding that evening cocktail—the cold martini glass from the freezer, the sound of the ice cubes in the shaker—that even though I’m drinking alone most nights, it’s still enjoyable.

A Day of Grace