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Just Fixin' To Be Done

I’m almost an old person. Actually, by survey age groups, I’m in the last group. Gulp. So maybe I already am an old person. A senior citizen. How did this sneak up on me?

I keep thinking that I’ve got another act in me. I’m not done yet. I refuse to go gently into that good night. I realize, however, that the decision is not totally up to me.

The messages I feel like I keep receiving are that I’m over--done. I’ve become invisible. No one sees little old ladies, which in its way can be empowering but frustrating as well.

I wanted to do 40 Days & 40 Writes to write for myself and for fun. I haven’t read anyone else’s Writes intentionally. I didn’t want to be intimidated and feel like I didn’t have the chops to be in the group. That’s what this almost-old has done to my ego. I’m always doubting, unsure and second-guessing myself. I’ve become the flip side of the youthful “I know everything” and have very little patience with that age now. I know I don’t know, but I know they don’t either.


I Guess It Needs to be More Than a Feeling...