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Me and Mine

Now I have my own bedroom, finally! A "Room of My Own..." Except I'm no longer a child, and it was a long time in coming. I had to share with a variety of sisters for all my young life, and share more than a room. Clothes, make-up, curlers, pillows -- nothing was exclusively anyone's possession. At sixteen I got a separate room, but we only lived in that house a few years and then I rented a room for one year in a neighbor widow's upstairs where her daughter/nuns and son/priest had lived before me. That must be why my next room was an alcove in a convent. But "Silly Sally" didn't last long in the cloistered life, though now I fantasize "taking the veil" again, some day in the future.

Fast forward fifty-six years of sharing a double bed with a husband and off and on five kids, and then one day, they're all gone, and he gets the spare room and I get my own room. Add beautiful new furniture and a new mattress that raises and lowers so I can read in bed and a lovely silk duvet covering a down feather bed and a comfy chair to read and meditate alone in the morning and sunshine coming in through lace curtains and you have a glimpse of my bedroom paradise.

Protector of My Heart

Simple Days