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40 Days & 40 Writes is its first project.

My Two Housemates

I have three bedrooms and  
two baths, so I let mankind  
(and otherkind too) live here.  
I remember when I could afford  
to keep the house to just me  
but that time has gone away.  
It wasn't a bad thing though to  
run around with my cat and know  
no one would see the apparent  
abandon. Now Duane doesn't pay rent.  
He's unemployed and has to be sent  
to take a shower but he's worth  
something, and I can work  
a lot 'cuz he's home to feed said cat.  
Now Zed will be moving in in  
September. They're a different  
sort of renter - - one who will  
pay, who's already cleaned walls  
in preparation to paint and talks  
of a bathroom to be re-caulked.  
Zed'll help, I think, to bring  
a house some more cohesion  
into a mutual battle plan to  
bend this little world to  
something cleaner.

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