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Older, Not Necessarily Wiser

An old friend of mine recently asked if I were behaving myself. I had to answer that sadly, yes I was. You see, I try not to knowingly break rules. This is not do-goody behavior on my part. It’s superstitious behavior-- not fiddling with the elements, trying not to upset the balance. Plus, I’ve pretty much aged out of shenanigans. Not eating as healthy as I should and not exercising as much as I should are about close to rule breaking as I get these days.

Unknowingly breaking rules concerns me because the consequences can be pretty dramatic. I worry that I’ve aged into a place where I’m not as aware as I need to be. Last week, I was in back of a woman who ran a red light. The car in front of her turned right (right on red is legal here), and she just went on through the intersection, seemingly oblivious to the fact that the light was still red. It did not end well. Thank goodness, no one seemed to be badly injured.

I worry that I will be that woman.


Rule Bender