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Shelter for the Soul

What is essential? Water and food, of course. Shelter is right up there in importance. If by a lucky accident of birth, you are born in a safe place then possibly you don’t realize that safe shelter is not a given for a lot of people and their families.

The late architect Samuel Mockebee didn’t invent the architecture of social responsibility, but he put a unique spin on it. He took architecture students to one of the poorest counties in Alabama (and in the country) where they designed and built wildly imaginative homes for people who couldn’t afford to own one.

Twenty years later, the Rural Studio home building has evolved into the $20K House—a small home that costs no more than a trailer. The idea is still same: provide dignitified, safe shelter. Because as Mockbee put it, everyone deserves shelter for the soul.

Can we extend this grace to others? Don’t people fleeing with their children from violence, famine and unimaginable atrocities deserve safe shelter instead of more trauma? Haven’t their souls suffered enough?