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40 Days & 40 Writes is its first project.

Show Up

Writing each morning has become something I look forward to. I wake up and wonder what today's prompt will be, what ideas I get to explore today. But I've also wondered how successful I might be in continuing a daily writing practice post birdsinabarrel.

As of tomorrow I will be on my own, no longer dependent on food for thought from external resources.
Does the fledgling bird wonder if it is ready to fly on its own? Does it wonder if it is ready? Am I ready? What lessons can I take with me as I fly solo? What have I learned?

Lessons from the past forty days:
* Practice is important.
* Show up everyday.
* Be curious.
* Be consistent and persistent.
* Write.
* Expect to feel OK about the work some days and less OK other days.

These lesson have helped me to re-resolve to follow other resolutions I've gather over the years:
* Look where you want to go.
* Expect help from the universe
* Recognize insecurity, but don't let it halt progress
* Be generous.
* Take many small steps.
* Show up.

I credit the resolution to show up to many sources: Mary Oliver, Twyla Tharp, Liz Gilbert. In their varying ways, they all conclude that showing up each day to do creative work invites help from sources outside ones self. Birds in a barrel showed up for me in this way. I was ready, and the teacher appeared with the lessons I needed.

So my resolution is to continue to show up, to watch for the next teacher to appear, for the next lesson to learn.

White. A Blank Page, or Canvas. So Many Possibilities.

All the Right Moves