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The Guest House

I have a rotation of house mates.
And there is room now that Little Envy left years ago.
The current two are Sloth and Fear.
Fear shows up more often, rather inconveniently, in the middle of the night.

She has forgotten her keys, again. I let her in usually at the hour of the wolf, 3 a.m. She mindlessly wanders the house, until, if allowed, makes her way into the kitchen for scrambled eggs. My husband once asked, "are we running a diner?". But, he knows me by now, and there is some wisdom in the wee hour breakfast. And no, I do not Ambien eat. (Keep that s**t away from me)

I have turned to the wisdom of James Hillman and his understanding of aging as a process of soul. Aging is not a disease. There is a reason for the hour of the wolf. When else can I think most clearly and hear all the sounds inner and outer crying for attention? As we know, things happen in the dark that do not happen elsewhere. Things grow in the dark.

Sloth is more of the conflicting mind set which comes up as I take my vitamins, make myself walk when I would rather not, find yet a new gym where I can access the pool regularly, and eat healthfully. Sloth also loves to peruse Instagram for all the holistic health coaches and critique the litany of diets. Keto? Paleo? Fab4? Vegan, nah, that's tame by other restrictions. When did rice become a "bad" food? And bread?? And corn, apparently. Nuts must be eaten raw. What?! No more Costco peanuts?!

Forget about it. Sloth has a good point, tho. How have all the people in the world lived and survived all these millennia on the staple foods, much less go without them at times? The potato famine? The narcissism in the IG accounts, and addiction to perfection is where Sloth has a field day. So, we bought potato chips for the first time in....? It was Memorial Day. Ruffles. Lays. Maybe for the fourth we'll get Hawaiian BBQ potato chips.

So, as Rumi said, "this being human is a guest house...every morning a new arrival...welcome and entertain them all!"


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