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The Other Rodeo

The aspect I’m thinkng of is my morning commute. It takes about 35 minutes.

I stop at McDonald’s most mornings to get a large iced coffee with light cream and light liquid sugar and a Sausage McMuffin with no sausage just egg and cheese. Depending on who I order from, they either charge me $4.25 or $5.68. I order in that particular way because if I do, I’m more likely to get charged $4.25. My favorite McDonald’s person explained that to me. She’s got coffee colored skin and bright turquoise studs in her ears and a wide smile that reminds me of someone close to my heart.

Then I turn right out of the parking lot. I have to get in the left lane because of tree roots growing through the right lane and making everything bumpy af.

I get in the right lane at Arlington to pass people turning left. Sometimes,I drive next to the train. I pass the Natural History Museum and the rose garden and USC. USC is building something, despite their run of bad leadership.

I turn left at the DMV. Two lanes turn left, but only the one on the right spits you out on the 110. 75% of the people in the left lane spill into the lane to the right. I’ve examined it 1000 times and I can’t figure out why. It used to fill me with rage. Eventually I realized that the reality is that 75% of people spill into the right lane, and now I just manage around it. If it makes me mad one day, it’s probably because there’s something else that needs to be expressed.

The line at the DMV is purgatory. Especially on Mondays.

The 110 is fine. I do this funny little detour by LA Live and get back on the downtown exits side jog. I once got rear ended there badly, and sometimes I think about it.

Then I go under Grand Ave to get to my parking garage. That street is called Lower Grand. It’s almost like a tunnel, but with light coming through big slits that go through the street above. I’ve seen probably 200 photography shoots down there in the last 4 years.

My only other option is the 10, so I’m good with the status quo.


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