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A cool blue room

Between the ages of 6 and 13 years old I inhabited my smoky(color) blue bedroom at the end of the hall. The wallpaper was composed of a pinwheel or dandelion design. I had twin beds and was located very conveniently across the hall from my parents’ room. ( I say conveniently because I would often hear noises in the night, and debate whether I had time to cross the hall before whatever it was could grab me!)

My imagination was such that one night around Easter, I heard the Easter Bunny gnawing on a carrot outside my bedroom window. I waited as long as I could before dashing into our dining room to alert my mom that there a a stranger in our backyard. Much to her credit, she took my hand and we ventured to the backyard. We found nothing. Shortly after returning to my bed, that darn bunny started chewing again. I finally figured out that her pinking shears were the noisemaker.

Even the Toilet Lid

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