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Adorable Baby Animals (Chubby Quails, Baby Ducks, and Kitties)

I have always liked animals and find so many to be quite cute. There have been several times throughout my life in which I have encountered animals that remind me of my love of animals. One such time was at a park while on vacation somewhere. I don’t recall where, but I think it was San Francisco. While walking through this park, I randomly encountered a cluster of quail. They were chubby, little birds with a random appendage dangling from the top of their heads and began to swarm around me as I appreciated these adorable birds.

There was another time in which I had encountered a family of ducks. While walking through a museum’s garden, a duck walked in the path in front of me. And if that sight wasn’t cute enough, a series of tiny baby ducks emerged from some foliage to follow the larger duck. These tiny ducks walked in a straight line following their mother (I’m assuming) and walked into a pond to drift off together.

Another random encounter with an animal was right outside of my house. One day, I started hearing a strange sound coming from outside my window. I turn to look at what it was and I see a small white cat looking up at me. She was almost completely white except for a few random brownish blonde patches. She was one of the cutest cats that I had ever seen and her quiet meows were adorable. I gave her a plate of food and she had stayed with us for a while after that. She also led to several other cute cat encounters when she had kittens. Kittens!!! She made a pair of tabbies that looked very much like their mother outside of their hair color/pattern. Her next litter was a set of triplets. They were slightly less cute than their older siblings as they were a bit more rat like in their infancy but they were still very cute.

Encounter in the Backcountry