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Tiny Space

From where I sit I can see my whole apartment, carriage house as my landlord likes to call it, except for the bathroom/laundry room. It's cozy. Not only can I have breakfast in bed, but I can make breakfast from bed...not quite, but nearly! This tiny space has made me select my favorite things to have around, rest is in storage for the day, hopefully soon, that I get a larger place. Over on the bookshelf, by the closet door, is 'Woman with Attitude' a sculpture my moma made. She's sitting there on a park bench in her lavender dress and purple crocs, sticking her tongue out! She's sporting purple John Lennon glasses, with a Limoges hand bag around her wrist. Her little paper sack of groceries; fruits and veg, a loaf of good bread and a bottle of champagne is beside her and a dog lies at her feet.

On the wall perpendicular, is a painting by a dear family friend. Cartegena Plaza, or Coco Plum Circle as we called it, a Miami landmark. A huge Jacaranda tree, it's purple flowers spread in profusion across the width of the painting. You have to really study the painting to see a hint of the big bronze shoes at the center. I remember driving by it, it's in the center of a traffic circle, you really did have to look carefully, especially if you were the driver, to see those shoes.

There are photos of strong women in my life. My great grandmother. My mom and I with my great aunt, celebrating her 100th birthday! My mom and I in younger days. My best friend and I eating ice cream and Moon Pies at the Moon Pie festival in Bell Buckle Tennessee!

Books books books are everywhere. All sorts. A small selection of self-help books...maybe time to donate those. Cookbooks, rarely opened these days, but fun to read when inspiration is needed. Emmerson and Buddha, Thich Nhat Hanh, Toni Morrison, Isabella Allende, Birds of Eastern US, trees too, Infectious Disease Epidemiology, and a copy of Hotel New Hampshire saved from a recycling bin around the corner...can't throw books away, I scoffed when I nabbed it!

Sweet Home

Oh, Lovely Mule