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Business Calculus

I'm not at all a business person.
I'm globally oriented without a bent
towards instant gratification, and
planned obsolescence frightens.

But I can do calculus, so I find
myself teaching this class often.
Every go-'round there's lots to learn,
not the least is how to stand

rows of hopeful money-grubbers ensconced
in chairs looking my way for guidance
to survive this math - - face it - - none
of them really care what underpins

the formulas they encounter on
spreadsheet after spreadsheet. Then
there's me trying to get economics and
how one decides the elasticity of demand!

I can calculate up a storm, but I want
the motivation, what they've got in
profusion but lack the discipline
to cipher with precision because . . . they don't

want to - - the exact sort of person
I do not care to have running transactions
with global implications. In the end
what I know with utter certain:

(and examples galore have borne
this out) it takes funds to make funds,
you must have the means to bank
on anything, fortune breeds fortune.


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