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Clutter, Clutter Everywhere

My entire apartment is my “workspace” at present. I moved in thinking I would live here for a year. Suddenly my realtor in Tampa called long distance to say that a condo was coming on the market in a favorite area. (I live in Birmingham, Alabama and have for the past 40 years.) Tampa is my home and I’ve longed to get back to the water. My children are launched and I have no grands so now’s the time.
I bought and love my new condo. I have a view of the bay from each room. Actually, my parents lived in the same condo until they passed away.

So, back to my “workspace”. I downsized last year from a 3 story, 3500 square foot house.

After spending 4 months in Air BnBs thinking about my next move and looking at real estate in Florida, I decided to rent an apartment in Birmingham to allow myself to purge more items. A year’s lease was the best price deal. A short 2 weeks after signing the apartment contract,I got a call about a condo soon to be on the market. Flew down, loved it, and now my “workspace” is my entire 3 bedroom apartment.

I’m having to unpack each box to discover what I’m keeping and discarding. So you can better understand a description of my surroundings will include: dining room furnished with my parents’ beautiful mahogany table, chairs, buffet along with one wall of empty moving boxes, one corner of packing paper, and one corner of art crates. Moving to the living room the furnishings consist of two upholstered chairs, a china cabinet, small chest of drawers, and eight end tables, along with numerous various and sundry lamps. Along the walls are many paintings and numerous hand-crafted items ( my passion).

I could travel into each room where the same situation awaits.

I make daily trips to a local charity to drop off reusable belongings. Some days it’s too much and I escape into a great book.

Needless to say, my mind is as overwhelmed as my physical surroundings. I know if I could just go corner by corner I would feel so much better.

Uh oh, maybe later. Strong winds of escape are blowing through my mind and my resolve is once again compromised.


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