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Flying Over Our Home

If you were a bird and flying over, you'd see that our house is just up a hill from a river's bend with a well trod trail that leads to it. My husband and I live on the edge of town and all my extended family live within an hour of this same college town. You'd see that once a week my family gathers at my mother's condo and share a meal together. If you could hear the conversation you'd know that we were all taking part in her elderly age care by dropping in regularly so she felt family close during her last decade.

Within a relatively small circumference my oldest friends, the two Debs and Betty Lou, are able to drop by and enjoy a coffee or tea with cookies and talk about their grown children with me. We have a standing date to take a walk on a Tuesday late morning as we are all retired, and healthy.

My dear MB lives less than a state away and we continue with our traveling plans for road trips. Know that we have been already doing this for years and have visited the Presidential libraries of all our favorite Presidents. Soon we are about to embark on a journey to our musical heroes roots. Planning for these trips is half the fun.

Our son is married and lives less than a day away in a large city. He has a baby girl that I adore and his wife is working half time and they are okay financially, but not too worried about it. They know that they can drop off their baby with us for weekend getaways and that she will be safe and well loved.

Each night I go to sleep feeling so calm knowing that my family and friends are close by. I can hear the river, especially when the spring brings snow melted cold waters pushing through our watershed. I enjoy the continued good meals my husband makes and we have achieved what we hoped for, we have grown older together.

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