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40 Days & 40 Writes is its first project.

Humble Beginnings

You know the stick figure houses that you drew when you were younger… The ones that were disproportionally squared with two slanted lines for a roof? Well, that roof was the shape of my childhood room ceiling. My bedroom faced the northwestern corner of the house that had held a handful of generations of family. Despite it’s the fact that it was well-kempt for it’s age, it still had the aura of having witnessed many coming- of- age stories. The walls that were once white, were now painted lavender to announce my arrival. It was furnished with three purchases from Ikea. A tanned wooden bed that mimicked the very-low laying Japanese style furniture. It was probably only one to two feet high, positioned across from the door. Hanging against the wall where the bed was stood a portrait of two cherubs against a blue, cloudy sky backdrop adorned within a golden frame. The repositioning of the frame from a less than sturdy hangnail would soon lead to the chipping of my purple paint. The second piece held the most emotional value. It was a corner, triangle desk positioned between two large windows where I first discovered my love of writing and wrote my first fiction story.

At 4

My haven until I was 13