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In Your Dreams

Not much of a dreamer. At least not when I'm sleeping. They say you dream every night. They don't know me. I rarely dream (that I'm aware of) and rarely remember the few I do have. They slip away so fast as I wake.

Could that be the source of my anxiety? Being a non-dreamer? I hope not. I have enough anxiety during the day. I'm one of those people who always says "Yes. Sure, I can do that" at work. My husband says I'm like a shark. Moving, moving, moving all day. Not stopping for anything except bathroom breaks. Then eventually I'm so tired I stumble into bed. Even to me, that sounds a little neurotic. A little anxiety-producing prancing through the day.

Can you make yourself dream? Warm bath, soft music, no TV, fresh air? Clean sheets? An experiment. Something to add to my busy day. At the end.

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