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It's So Much More Than Unfair

I'm still in Alabama. Wetumpka, actually. Leaving tomorrow for home. It's been a heavy trip. Heavy on heart and spirit. All the "Yes Mams," and "Y'alls" seem to sugarcoat the history of Alabama. Oh, I'm sure someone said a "Good Mornin' Y'all. How you doin'" and meant it with the spirit of kindness during my visit. However, spending a week on the Civil Rights Trail gives you a perspective on America like no other. You can sit in your comfy home in L.A. and read about the 1950s and 1960s or have watched it on television with a sense of horror and detachment; seen Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, the hundreds of people who broke segregation on the Montgomery buses, SCLC, school desegregation, teenagers and adults being spat upon, "gunned down" with fire hoses, and the terror lynchings. But standing in a place where slaves were kept before auction, seeing the Equal Justice Legacy Memorial, a sacred place, is spirit shifting.

Knowing that people could have been filled with such hatred is almost unbelievable until you read about pregnant women being lynched. Soldiers returning from World War I and II being killed for what? For not stepping aside fast enough. Ahhh, white privilege reared it's ugly head then and it is in the here and now.

In America, we have been lulled into a false sense of the Melting Pot. That false sense of "we are one" has changed through the years. The Irish, Chinese, Catholics were once vilified for no other reason than for those in power not wanted to share the wealth (land, jobs, etc.) Civility has kept a lid on hatred for decades until about a year and a half ago when the leader of the free world gave permission for small-minded, hate-filled people to emerge.

Unfair? Cheating at Old Maid is unfair.

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