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Jaws in my carpet

The walls are soft baby blue and mirror the Southern California sky in the window above my twin bed. As a young girl, the color blue was not my choice but a decision made by my parents and my fraternal twin brother whom I share a room with. The walls are barren except for large initials on the wall above each bed which identified who side of the room belonged to whom. Our bed's side by side left room for conversation and mischief. Our matching white wood bedframes had room in the headboard for books or keepsakes. But my brother and I often used that space as storage as we transformed our beds to a daily adventure. This one day we set sail on the high seas of our bedroom after watching Jaws at the drive in. We risked life and limb hoping from bed to bed avoiding the blue textured carpet that surrounded us like the ocean. We saved each other from accidental falls on the carpet always in the nick of time from being devoured by a man eating shark in our carpet. When it was time to go to bed and the lights were off my brother slept peacefully in the night, but the waves never settled on the blue carpet that surrounded me. Excitement awakened my bladder and I would have to abandon ship to make it to the bathroom. I stepped on the carpet but quickly retreated to avoid Jaws in my carpet. He was near I could sense it. I decided to stand on my bed and with a running start lunged from the bed to the hallway and ran quickly for relief but could not return to the room that night. I prayed my brother well. When I finally got my own room I painted the walls bright yellow.

Grandma Sarah

Even the Toilet Lid