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Little Ways of My Day

I start my day by opening the blinds of two windows in our room. Today I saw two hummingbirds sparring for the tallest branch in the magnolia out back. Opening the blinds allows a quick assessment of the day's weather, determining what I'll wear and if I'll be taking a walk or going to yoga. Allowing natural light into the room spurs me into my day.

Never having been a coffee drinker, I usually get my jolt of the day with a glass of orange juice. Lately, I've been trying to lessen the ultra sweet fresh squeezed juice by cutting it with ice and water. This first drink of the day breaks my fast and helps me swallow my routine of pills I take each morning. I take four pills for thyroid, cholesterol and things that my doctor suggests I continue. I don't mind taking them.

I've eaten the same flake cereal for breakfast for a decade or more. My husband bulk orders it and its supposed to be healthy, though now that I'm retired I'm considering switching it up to an egg for the protein. It takes a moment longer to scramble an egg, but, I have the time.

My favorite routine of the day is taking a walk, especially now that I listen to podcasts. I try to stay in shaded areas in the summer and sunny sidewalks in the winter, but the movement of walking for 30 minutes or more consistently is something I have always enjoyed. Often my walks are just around the neighborhood, but I enjoy switching it up and heading different directions. Though when I'm on auto-pilot I take a route very familiar with tree lined streets and sidewalks that have endearing graffiti etched into the old cement. My favorite words I walk over daily are just up the next road from ours and read, "I have a crush on you."

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