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I liked her the minute she opened her mouth. We met at an OA meeting years ago. I heard that Brooklyn accent, heard her friendly voice, and saw her smile. I don't remember what I said at the meeting, but when it was over she and the friend she'd come with asked me if I wanted to go for coffee. The ride began.

She wore post-Hippy, earth mother, simple clothes--natural fibers. Always dresses, long and short, never pants. Her jewelry came from her travels to Africa where she also brought back baskets, spices, and all types of masks and other art. Her hair was this reddish-brown almost wavy-curly mop that always looked like she was going to comb it at any moment.

And the parties she gave in her gorgeous yet simple home. People roamed throughout her home (except her bedroom with the exposed brick fireplace). At any given party you could meet a diamond merchant, vegan chef, a judge, a writer, relatives, and even name it. You wouldn't want to miss one of Marcia's parties.

Her laugh was infectious. It would make anyone around her smile. And she was socially conscious; she worked with low-income families in various capacities.

Her brother was a location manager on a film that premiered at Cannes many years ago.. He took her as his plus-one. When she returned, she brought me magazines. They were in French, which she knew I did not read or speak. It was the thought that counted and we both laughed about it. She died within a couple of weeks after returning from that trip.It was sudden. I miss her still. I've never met anyone like her again.

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