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Marriage and Its Aftermath

Taking part in a wedding ceremony was the major initiation rite I've gone through. Getting to that meadow with about 120 friends and family and walking down the aisle--assembled from sugar pine cones and ribbon--is pretty easy to explain. Both of us, but especially me, were ready to take the step into marriage. We were both thirty-one and we'd experienced other loves that, for various reasons, hadn't matured into marriageable material. Finding a life long mate had been one of my underlying goals for some time and I was happy to have found John.

What we have together now, 32 years later, is still intact. What we got ourselves into hasn't always been clear. Our different personalities are still somewhat a contradiction to one another, on good days I'd say complimentary. We have "rubbed off" on one another, John's quiet nature has become something I'm more comfortable with, and John has become more of a talker- especially when it is a topic interesting to him.

John still doesn't like to discuss a movie much after we walk out of one (as I do). But now he's initiating going to movies, whereas before, movies were my thing and not so much his. Before going to bed he plays banjo, reads, and meditates and I watch Netflix. I write, read, make art, go to yoga, tidy the house and take walks during the day and he goes to work. We come together around dinner time, which he prepares, and I clean up. During dinner we talk about our day. Also, we travel together and we both love our grown son.

Our quarrels generally relate to each of our sensitive natures. We can both dish it out but find it hard to take. Due to that we used to hurt one another's feelings easily. Now, much of the time, we avoid the little digs or realize that it is just misguided humor or the fact that one of us is tired. One of our greatest strengths is that we both enjoy walking up in the mountains. Our walks along streams and waterfalls are our most sacred time together. Often we marvel at how long we have been together, as the years are flying.

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