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Moseying Moose

Had to think long and hard, but the most exciting encounter was in British Columbia on a vacation years ago. Guess he really wasn’t untamed, but can’t be sure. Anyway I was sitting in a restaurant in town chatting with friends. I happened to glance out the window and spotted a large animal just walking down the middle of the street in daylight.

I jumped out of my chair and ran after him. There were folks on the sidewalk just minding their own business acting like this was an ordinary day. Not for me! First time seeing a moose ever other than in a picture book.

He/she wandered off into a park area, I followed behind not too closely. He tarried there briefly while I got a bit closer. Other people were gathered around as well. I was in shock to see this very large animal up close. A thrill I never anticipated.


Encounter in the Backcountry