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My Crazy Pile of Cute, Nerdy, and Artsy Things

My bedroom has many things that reveal little details about my interests that I have liked at different periods of my life. I have cute cuddly toys ranging from Cookie Monster, Minions, and Choco Cat. I am a big fan of cute things and these reflect the cute things that I liked at the time that I got them. When I started developing an interest in comic books and other nerdy things, I started adding things to my room that reflected that. I have Pop Vinyls in the shapes of my favorite comic book characters, comic book themed legos, a Guardians of the Galaxy poster, and (obviously) actual comic books. Then when I became interested in art, my room became filled with my arts and craft pieces. I started making so much art that I ran out of room to display everything. I have a stack of paintings, a pile of ceramic mugs, and rolled up pictures that I’d love to display but can’t.

I never realized that my room had so many clues about the things that I like until now. For much of my life, I just figured that a lot of people liked the same things as I did. My interests just came naturally to me so it didn’t seem like they were distinct characteristics of mine, just things that happened. At some point when hearing people talking about their interests, I learned how different other people’s interests were. When I finally noticed that my interests weren’t as common as I thought, I didn’t notice that that would translate into the way my room was decorated. But fortunately, being asked about my room made me realize how the cute little things scattered around my room was a part of who I am.

Tiny Mouse Room