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40 Days & 40 Writes is its first project.

Nor in My Class

There are teachers who look away
rather than face the mom who
shows up in the classroom doorway
when her son is ousted due to

I'm too old now to be cowed by
that bullshit. Believe me that it
was not easy to get here. I
used to have legs inadequate
to it.

But my classroom is better for
my old-age strength; I only wish
there were a way to be closer
so integrity might have a chance
to float

into every interaction from both
sides. But the modern crisis of
adjunct instruction and the growth
of the gig society sacrifices loves

The mom also was ousted and
I made arrangements with her
son to get a chance against repugned
results to show his one-semester

that he will make an effort.

Flying Over Our Home

Mr Googly Eyes