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Not a New Year's Resolution

On New Years Eve I talk resolution, but actually never pursue a resolution for the new year. For some reason, creating a resolution and communicating it with others leads to instant doom because the motive is insincere. More than likely the people you share it with wont hold you accountable for support, just responsible for guilt. When asked "Do you have a resolution?" To say "No" leads to fear because you don't want to appear unmotivated. It's like a grown up asking a kid when they are in 9th grade what college they want to go to. The kid unknowing spouts off the most popular college, unaware of the requirement for acceptance. In order to avoid a pressured question, they gave a pressured response. Similar to the 9th grade kid, a New Years resolution generally is a pressured answer. For the last 5 years I have had about 30 pounds to lose and making a resolution on New Years didn't get it done. In March my elevated blood pressure and sedentary lifestyle increased my motivation. My resolution was to love myself more. I had to own the decisions I made in my life in order to make a change. I created goals, and took baby steps, and my resolution was birthed out of love not fear.

Love is All You Need

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