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40 Days & 40 Writes is its first project.

Out of My House!

Junior year of high school
I spent two nice excused
weeks in Seattle with
my brother who instilled
in me via "Sugar Blues"

the beginning of some more truly
disordered eating rules
and minute reading of
labels and a righteous love
of judgement of others' food.

I was still a child, mind
you! I had the impression
I was doing what I should
do - - making sure the food
I ate was at least benign.

So when Gramma came home from
the store and I looked on
the back label of some item
she brought home in order to gain
knowledge of its makeup and

she screamed for me to
leave her house Right Now
and to never read a label
on her thing ever or at all,
I only felt very hurt and how.

Boarding School