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Powerlifting Katie

Katie tries things I wouldn’t try, like entering an Olympic powerlifting competition.

Whenever we meet, she has always left her coffee travel mug in the Car2Go, or her climbing shoes at her boyfriend’s house, or her bus pass in her other bag. She is always at least fifteen minutes late, and sometimes thirty.

Sometimes on the spur of the moment Katie signs up for a triathlon, then has to figure out where she’s going to get a bike. She was a waitress at Geraldine’s Counter, where they still greet her warmly. Now she is a software developer. One thing she says that’s hard about that is learning how to communicate with so many silent, restrained people — in the restaurant world, either people are open with you and teasing you, or they’re yelling at you.

I believe for many years all she did was ski.

I don’t know what she looks like dressed up, although she did put on makeup to have her picture taken at the DMV.

She’s a person who knows how to train, knows how to keep coming back to something over and over. She sets her mind to something and doesn’t mind if she’s slow at trying to do it.

Katie knows how to try.

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