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Room 1

Pepto. Bismal. Pink. Bunk Beds. Little sister on bottom. Big sister-night owl-decides she has to, just has to remake her top bunk late at night. Pulls whole thing away from the wall. Over, around, and through she goes, never minding the little one trying to sleep below. Days later, maybe months later, little one just has to stretch her legs and do a few pushes, up, up and away with the top bunk mattress. Oh what fun!! That'll teach you to make your bed while I'm sleeping!! 

Supremes poster at a supreme angle on the left wall...I just realized I had no idea the cardinal directions of that room or that house...something I tend to keep in my head these days...Mark Spitz's mustachioed face, with all his gold medals, looking down at me from upon high. Both chosen by big sister. A fish pillow of sorts, curved, purple, pink. Mine. A thing my father brought home one day from his furniture salesman job. I chose none of it. I didn't know I could. I figured, early on, that we had what we had and were lucky for it. Big sister, I think, sometimes didn't notice she was in a family of 9 with little money and just demanded stuff. 

Lilacs blooming outside the open window on a summer afternoon. That is my happy memory of that room. The scent of those lilacs and my burrow of a bottom bunk. Still love to burrow.


My Room

Tiny Mouse Room