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She is Art

Let me introduce you to mi amiga favorita (my best friend), the name we have called each other since high school Spanish class, Ms. Lisa Diana Wedgeworth. Lisa emotes creativity she embodies art. She is an amazing artist, long and lofty, bold and beautiful, abstract and adventurous.

I have known Lisa for over 30 years and I am grateful for the relationship that continues to grow and evolve. She is a truthful friend. Lisa will call me out when I am wrong, but still love me in spite of my behavior. She encourages my dreams, and challenges my ideas. I am a better person because of her in my life.

We have children born on the same day October 20th but different years, she calls us womb mates. She is a single mother who has done an amazing job raising her daughter, always encouraging her to seek wisdom. Lisa has a natural curiosity about people, and her inquisitiveness is infectious. She is also an awesome storyteller with a voice meant for radio. I am grateful for the present of her presence in my life.

Day In, Day Out

Mean Old Man