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Shifting Roots

I have a list of places where I've lived chunks of time. When asked these days "Where are you from?" I answer, "Athens, Georgia." A decade ago, I responded, "Auburn, Alabama." And before that, "Ithaca, New York." I'm not done with my fact I moved to Ithaca in my late 30's.

I claim Texas as my "home state", growing up in San Antonio and attending undergraduate school in Austin. But, I was born in Minnesota, lived briefly with my family in Colorado, and lived 3 years as a small child in Germany. My roots are wide, but pretty shallow.

After college there was an 8 year life experience in California. Our son was born in Tucson- and we lived there twice. We spent a year in Costa Rica before returning to Tucson the second time. Then we moved to Washington D.C.- and lived there twice- once behind the Supreme Court building. The second time, my husband worked for the Migratory Bird Center at the National Zoo.

From DC, we moved up to Ithaca, and now my loop of life has been recorded. So, hometown? I suppose I claim San Antonio most often as that is where I went to school from K-12th grade and that is where my mom still lives. But, not having lived there myself since I was 18, it doesn't really count, compared to folks who have deep roots in just one or two places.

And when asked, "So what was your favorite place?" I can't really say. Each part of the country wasn't premeditated too long before I lived there. As a matter of fact, my husband and I discuss often if and where we may move next. And we really like Athens, Georgia a great deal. I've always felt I had gypsy blood.

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