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Small - or is it?

Flossing your teeth, washing your face, 30 minutes of exercise, planning meals, balancing a checkbook, calling a friend, talking to family long distance... all of these are seemingly small yet so critical. Taken together they build a life, secure one’s health, and provide a sense of accomplishment. Sprinkling in a smile, hug, kiss here and there makes for a happier existence for you and others. Giving to others of your time and talents not to mention fulfilling God’s order to serve the least of these. These “small things” overwhelm me at times. For instance, writing daily. It’s been a huge challenge- one I have been unable to keep despite how eagerly I looked forward to it.

It’s the small things that count so I’ve been told. From my vantage point of 73 years young I have to agree.

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