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40 Days & 40 Writes is its first project.

Solidaridad Sandranista O'Brindle

Okay, so I have a new kitten.
I can't help it, I know better,
I do, but she saw me and
climbed the screen with a love letter.

She's very small but runs to me
when I call her, would eat all
the food in the house, have a spree
with her favorite bauble,

then ask for more between
pants showing a pink tongue.

Boy, does she give the big cats
a worrisome pestering! And
they sigh. At night she falls flat
into bed, purrs to beat the band,

brings toys all night long
while I sleep through skirmishes
with bugs, twigs, and water dishes.
In the morning she's a real Neil Armstrong

on the top of the table top greenhouse.
Five cats may put me in the poorhouse.

There Were Life and Death Rules