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The Letter

After several failed attempts communicating face to face to a family member I decided to write a letter with the desire and intentions to bridge a gap in the relationship and bring us closer. I was hoping to have an honest conversation. The end result was severed ties and complete disconnection. The letter stated;


How are you? I wanted to follow up on the conversation I had with you the other day. It was cut short when the kids came in the car. I don't hate you, I love you. I am confused by behavior right now. The family is hurting but the desire to go back to things as normal seems more relevant than the healing. There is an inability to communicate in the family with healthy and equal exchange or validation of feelings. I learned we could do life as long as everything was all good, but stumbling blocks, obstacles,and hurdles I was uncertain. Can we be defensive and be open to hear honest expression? I would love to continue our conversation and relationship in truth. God bless you and keep you. Love you

The letter was completely misunderstood. Feelings were hurt and offense clouded the original intentions. The letter was never meant to cause pain but to create opportunity for connection. The relationship never recovered and that honest conversation never happened.

The Resolution of Writing Anew

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