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You get the word is an adjective
and a noun, so what I found
out was if you aren't one
the other wouldn't be objectively

the same. Good thing the Navy
din't offer me that scholarship.
If I'd given it some thought, I
could've guessed I'd sink aboard ships.

This I found,
through being yelled at,
in boarding school:

Brown boots with red laces
are not a stand-in
for brown or black

A bulky, warm, off-white
sweater knitted by your
mom is not a white blouse or

The undershirt you wear
because you cannot stand a
bra cannot have a v-neck that is

More stuff like that.

To this very day, I never get
a dresscode to work out the way
I am supposed to. It's just
not possible for me to dress a-okay.


Boarding School