birds in a barrel's mission is to release creative nonfiction into the wild.

40 Days & 40 Writes is its first project.

A Few Questions & Answers

Meadowlarks! Greetings!

So you've finished your first day. Good for you! Nice work. Now that you've seen the fairly simple process in action, I'll answer a few questions for you:

Do I have to do my writing on your website?

No. In fact I strongly suggest you keep a copy of your work on your own computer. But you must submit everything through the website. Everything goes into my high-tech (cough, cough) Birds in a Barrel database that will, at the end, turn it into a book.

What if I write longer than 10 minutes, or whatever the allotted time is?

My rule is: You can write for longer—but if you're struggling, you only have stare at the screen for 10 minutes. That said, don't go crazy and burn yourself out. It's a 40-day journey no matter what. There's no getting ahead. You do not have to edit your pieces, but if you choose to, that doesn't fall into your time limit.

What does it mean to post to the blog?

Each flock of writers has it's own blog for the duration of your 40 days. Yours is the Meadlowlarks blog.  You'll see blog posts each day below the form each day.  Click the title of any entry or a "read more" link and you will get the whole piece of writing. 

Who will get to read the blog?

Anyone CAN read it. It's on the internet, after all. But the blog is primarily for you guys for these 40 Days and I've never had stray traffic show up in the analytics. You are welcome to share your posts with family, friends, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

I personally like to see a bunch of posts on the same prompt side by side and see how different writers take off in different directions.

If I don't post to the blog, is anyone reading my stuff?

Even if you say, "Do not post to the blog," I will be reading. And so will Russ because he has to figure out what to post and what not to. 

Am I going to get feedback? 

Here's the deal: 40 Writes isn't a writing workshop. It's a workout designed to strengthen people with a daily personal writing practice. Everything is designed to encourage routine. But I'm not going to critique your writing, and neither should you critique one another's writing.

That said, you can add comments to the blog posts. Click the comment button, select guest comment, and just enter your username to leave a comment. 

Onward and upward!

— Robin

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