birds in a barrel's mission is to release creative nonfiction into the wild.

40 Days & 40 Writes is its first project.

Answering a few of your questions

Ah, dear Cardinals and Waxwings, you have more questions. OK.

What does it mean to post to the blog?

Each flock has it's own blog of writing: Cardinals and Waxwings. There's a link to both on the "Find your flock" page, or on the footer navigation to the web site. 

I like the blog.  I wish we could read the entire essay.

You can! From the main blog page, click the title of any entry and you will get the whole essay. (From there, click the writer's initials, and you'll get all of their work, or click the topic, and you'll get everything on that topic...) Poke around.

Who will get to read it?

Anyone CAN read it. It's on the internet, after all. The blogs are designed fo each group to be able to see what their peers are up to, but you're welcome to share your posts with family, friends, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

I personally like to see a bunch of posts on the same prompt side by side and see how different writers take off in different directions. Even if you say, "Not today," I will be reading everything, and the two volunteers who manage the two blogs will also be able to see what you wrote.

I don't know how to log into my dashboard.

Individual dashboards are coming. I will send each of you a personal link individually in the coming week, once I'm sure a few technical kinks are fixed. Meantime, the group standings are live: Waxwings and Cardinals. Also available from the Find Your Flock page.

Will I have access to the material I am submitting?

I strongly suggest you keep a copy of your work on your own computer. But yes, everything you submit to Birds in a Barrel is going into a database that will, at the end, spit it all back out in one big document that I'll email you.

Will you ever offer any comments?  Will other writers ever?  

Very, very rarely. 40 Days & 40 Writes isn't a writing workshop and it's not about critiquing one another's work. The program is designed to enable people to build and experience a daily personal writing practice. Everything I've incorporated is designed to encourage that routine. That said, if you really like something someone posted to the blog, you can click the little heart next to the Facebook/Twitter share buttons.


The stats are computerized and therefore update every few minutes. But the blog posting is manual, done by two volunteers,  so it can take a day before a piece of writing appears on the blog. 

Onward and upward!

— Robin

Why standings and statistics?

The first few days