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I'm glad to see that some of you have been reading the Larks Blog. What great pieces on Letters in particular. No previous flock has been so creative and heartfelt with that prompt.

I know that it can feel weird at first to share, in particular, these pieces that seem a little memoir-ish. But I start this workout with recollections for a reason: they're easy. These are things you know. They are in your brain already. All I'm asking you to do is pull them out and put them on paper. Rest assured, not every prompt for 40 days has to be taken in a personal direction.

But in the interest of leveling the playing field: I had a giant "Rebel Without a Cause" poster framed over my bed and the room was gray with yellow accents. Very 80s. My grandmother Helen knew how to catch and clean a fish -- but then couldn't bring herself to eat a fish she'd gutted. And my favorite outfit as a kid always revolved around "camping shorts," which meant they had at least six pockets and a hook on which to hang my pocket knife. I wrote a fan letter to the female star of "Remington Steele." And I have an undomesticated cat living in my house right now.

In the days ahead the prompts will shift from memories of people, places and thing to activities and experiences.

Keep it up Larks. 

Onward and upward!

— Robin

No prompt on Sunday.

Unless you are e.e. cummings...