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40 Days & 40 Writes is its first project.

Final stretch

Time flies when you aren't actually doing the hard work of writing for 40 days. Yes, these last days are the most difficult, where you are doing nearly all the heavy lifting yourself. But you're nearly there. 

I was just in Hawaii on a family trip, and read about four days' worth of writing on the night flight home. I don't know that I've ever strung those prompts --Promise, Unprepared, Confession, Fight -- all together like that. It was an intense experience in the dark up in the air over the Pacific reading all these.

Those of you who have made it through to the final week have been writing pieces of great introspection. It's an honor to be the beneficiary of your shared wisdom. 

In this final week, the time limit will go up to 25 minutes, but many of you are already writing longer than that. My idea with 25 minutes has always been that it's the ideal minimum unit of work. If you can write 25 minutes in a focused way, and do it just once or twice a day, you can have a draft of whatever you want to write -- even a short novel -- in just six months. Some people -- and I'm not naming names (BB) have written damn near 40,000 words just in 36 days. That's NANOWRIMO pace.

As you know, 40 Days & 40 Writes is still a work in progress. I'm going to send everyone a survey later this week to get your feedback on what drew you to it, what kept you at it (or didn't), and how to make it better. Please take a few minutes to complete that. It will help me a lot as I start to build the next iteration of the website: Coming this summer!

Thank you all so much for taking part in the Cardinal and Waxwing flocks. It's really been a pleasure getting to know you through your writing. Enjoy your final four days.

Onward and upward!

— Robin


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