birds in a barrel's mission is to release creative nonfiction into the wild.

40 Days & 40 Writes is its first project.

Happy Flag Day!

The very first flock of writers to try out this program started exactly one year ago today, on Flag Day. I should have called them Eagles, but I didn't name flocks way back then.

In the first year, Birds in a Barrel has reached ... literally dozens of people. Ha! Yes, this a small little operation, but growing thanks to how participants and alumni spread the word. 

So if you know someone who you think would enjoy or benefit from 40 Days & 40 Writes, why not tell them about it? There's a big button that says "SIGN UP TO WRITE" on the home page. 

This might also be a moment when you could consider making a contribution to Birds in a Barrel. I don't spend your donations on whisky and pie. No, I'm hoping to invest this summer in more web development to enable 40 Days & 40 Writes to host more than one flock of writers concurrently. Imagine!

Best wishes to you all as you close in on these final two weeks. This is when you'll really be testing out your new daily writing muscles.

Onward and upward!

- Robin

The Final Four

Hi. Long time no speak.