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Happy Friday

Here we are, closing in on week 2. A few of you have asked more about the time guidelines, and whether editing/fixing time counts, or what if you are a slow typer. The time guidelines have two purposes.

1. To focus the mind on launching into what you want to write

2. To make sure this exercise stays fresh and sustainable as a daily practice

If you are worries about your typos, go ahead and fix them before you submit it. But you are free to spend your full 12 or 14 minutes actually writing. If you write a bit longer, that is OK too. Just don't go crazy. Remember, there's a concentration at work here, and if you allow yourself to just say, Oh, I'll spend a hour on this, you're not getting the benefit of that part of the workout.

So I may have mentioned that each time I run this program that I try something a bit different. Well for me the difference this time is that I'm trying to hold down a full-time job. I'm editing op-ed articles for the Los Angeles Times while a woman is on maternity leave. The upshot of that is I don't have as much time to spend on the web site, and thus I"m not adding so many comments.

But I am reading everything. I had Nate, who makes all the standings magically update with scripts and formulas, creates a summary of each day's writing and send it all to me in one big email. Today over breakfast I read all your Boys & Girls pieces. They have fortified me to face another day in the office.

More soon, Larks. You're doing great. 

Onward and upward!

-- Robin


Catching up

What's your approach to daily writing?