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40 Days & 40 Writes is its first project.

More than halfway

Greetings Cardinals and Waxwings!  Just three weeks to go, and the last one isn't even a full week. Keep up the good work.
Catching up with your submissions yesterday and today, I'm struck again by two things that I really enjoy as the person reading your work. First, how a prompt that has only ever sparked ho-hum replies suddenly pops to life with a new group of writers. With the Starlings, it was "Hometown." With you guys, I just loved being introduced to your friends. Second, I love -- especially at this stage of the program -- how prompts take people off in different directions. Faking it, for instance, produced pieces about faith, foreign language, sex.
Starting Monday, we move into phase three of 40 Days. We'll be inching toward and beyond 20 minutes, and the topics will shift out of observational mode and into reflection. What that means in practice is that the prompts are going to keep opening up for you to take them in whatever direction you like.
Finally, while you're working away, I am sketching out 40 Days, version 2, hoping to launch the updated web site it this summer. If you have ideas, suggestions, or ideas for the next set of prompts, please let me know. Reply to this email, or write to me at any time at
Onward and upward!
— Robin

Final stretch

The slow slog