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Quantity vs. Quality


I've added a few new charts to the Standings page for your group. Now in addition to tracking how many days you've written, you can also see the median length of your entires, and your cumulative word count.

I had a writer in the last flock who said of these charts, "I thought this was about quality, not quantity." In truth, it's about neither. It's about regularity. But I find it interesting and motivating to see how the efforts of a daily practice add up. I wrote 15,000 words in my last 40 Days without ever stretching the time limit.

Thanks again to Russ, who has been a champ at getting your writing posted to the blog within 24 hours. There are many pieces to read if you have the time, but here again are a few to get you started:

Introduce me to your friend: Friend

Holiday: Bergie Bowl

Grandmother: The Third Grandmother

Morning Routine: A Puzzles Pardon

One other thing: a few of you have told me that you're on the road or writing by hand and want to know how to file your writing. Just use the form, select whatever day is available, but put the appropriate topic in the title of your writing, like "Day 12: Music - Title here" and maybe leave a comment too about what you're up to. We'll figure it out.

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