birds in a barrel's mission is to release creative nonfiction into the wild.

40 Days & 40 Writes is its first project.

So here's a funny thing

So I came up or adapted all the 40 Days prompts myself, and a gave them a lot of thought, including which ones should go where, and in what order. And as part of that process, I always though, "Would I have anything that I could write about this topic?"

In August, however, when I decided to write along and I got to today's prompt — forgotten — I had totally forgotten what I thought I would write. (I remembered later, of course. I was going to write about how I packed to go see my family when my grandmother was dying and forgot to pack any underwear at all.)

So... you're nearly halfway done. How does it feel? It is getting easier? As a group, you are reporting a 15.4% Slow Slog rate, which isn't bad, but a bit higher than the last two groups. Perhaps it's the shorter days.

I'm also always curious as to how accurate our self-assessment is of whether we were slow or fast in writing. So for each rating group, I calculated the average words per minute.

So yes, everyone does write a little less on those slow slog days.  But really, not that much slower. The difference between a slow slog and fingers on fire? It's only five words per minute. The biggest factor in how much you write is sitting down to do it in the first place. That is what 40 Days and 40 Writes is about. And maybe, too, remembering some things you've forgotten. Like underwear.

The final third...

Quantity vs. Quality