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The slow slog

So if you've taken some time to look at the group standings, maybe you've noticed a few things. A few writers have fallen off. The daily word count is (ahem) not going up as it should be. But I doubt few of you are looking at both flocks of writers, like I am, and seeing this:

Cardinal Flock average rating

Cardinal Flock average rating

Waxwing flock average rating

Waxwing flock average rating

It's like the Cardinal are much more in touch with their actual feelings, and the Waxwings are just kind of doing the same pace of writing no matter what. 

I know it's all subjective: how do you feel like it went. But I have never seen a slow slog as slow as the Cardinals'. And I have never seen such lack of distinction as this Waxwings. I mean really: Waxwings, you are writing slightly faster when it's a slow slog. That's hilarious.

Per my earlier missive, I've starting linking some of your posted pieces to the 40 Days & 40 Writes FB page. Also, if you notice that your standings aren't correct for any reason, do let me know.

Onward and upward!

— Robin


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