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Weekend work

Just a quick reminder that you will get a writing prompt on Saturday morning, but not on Sunday. Feel free to do your actual weekend writing any time before Monday morning.

Great work this first week! As you've surely noticed, we've been writing largely about memories, which is largely intentional. The first group of prompts was build around nouns: persons, places things. We're now into verbs: actions and experiences, but still related to memories.

My working theory here is that first, memories are an easy starting point for writing because they are already in our minds somewhere. We just need to pull them forward and examine them. Writing about concrete things adds another easy way to go at it: You don't have to tell a story or make sense of a particular thing. You just need to describe it. 

Some of you are working to create stories -- and that's fine. But know that you don't need to. Some prompts won't really lend themselves easily to that, as you'll see. 

Thanks again for your participation and engagement with 40 Days and 40 Writes. I've posted a few new blog posts with the work from this first week.  I've also updated the Standings.

Onward and upward!

- Robin

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