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40 Days & 40 Writes is its first project.

Welcome to the 40-day writing project

Hello! Robin here. I'm so glad to have the six of you aboard for this beta test of the 40-day writing project. I'm calling you the canary flock because you're a crucial tester group.

Most of you have never crossed paths. I know your from different schools, jobs, projects and stages of my life. What you have in common is Facebook and a sense of adventure. 

This exercise, especially at the beginning, is about building a particular kind of writing practice and figuring out how it can fit into daily life every day, at least for 6-7 weeks. During the first week, you might want to experiment with when you do your writing. First thing in the morning? As a 3 p.m. break? As wind-down in the evening? When does writing feel easiest? My observation from the alpha test group is that those who found a time slot that worked for them wrote the most.

There will be more information forthcoming. For now just know that each day you will get a prompt by email, and you have 24 hours to do your writing and send it in via the web site. I'll will be reading everything submitted, and keeping track of who writes how often. I'll also be asking you for feedback and improvement ideas along the way.

Oh, you might want to invest in a timer.

If questions arise as we go along, you can always reach me at

Onward and upward!

- Robin

The First Day