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4:40 a.m. PT

I have a couple of similar morning routines which alternate.

I get up and check my blood pressure and weight. Some days I then make tea for my wife and me, and breakfast for myself. The tea is English Breakfast. My standard breakfast is oatmeal with almonds, some of them covered in dark chocolate, and cinnamon. I usually eat at about 6:00 AM.

After breakfast I pray and practice reflection. There are a few podcasts I follow and I often listen to at least one of them in the morning.

I get ready if I have an appointment in the morning, but I put it off as long as I can.

I may take a walk and get ready to write something or do something on the computer.

Since my breakfast is early, I have some fruit at 9:00 AM.

Three days a week my morning schedule is different. When I am posting to my blog I want that day’s effort to be posted at 4:40 AM Pacific Time. It gives people on the East Coast more of an opportunity to read me. I have written and saved the post in advance, but publish it myself. I spend some time posting it to social media, which generally brings me to time to make tea.

On the days when I have not finished a blog post in advance, I get up even earlier so I can finish and still post at 4:40 AM.

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