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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

I like to think of myself as an open, friendly person. I love adventure and I have a curious mind. Sometimes I bring others along with me as I share love, joy and laughter. My lose starts at the Gem and Jewelry show in Santa Monica California. This show is a highlight in my life because I have vendor friends that go back to crazy,lievable experience. Some vendors turn their hotel into a store and sleep in the bathtub to save space......crazy but big fun. At the shows you start your day at 4am and end 10 to 11:30 at night. You get to meet people from all over the world who come to the show just to buy beads. Back to Santa Monica California, I'm at the bead show chatting about Tucson days. We share our love hate experience and the fun parties and crazy people. Looking at pictures in our phone and sharing secrets behind the pics. I buy my beads and off I go. About three hours later I'm looking for my phone high and low. Then I remember I left it at the bead show, where I don't know. So I go into my belief of "There is no lost in divine mind." I tell my husband if all else fails I just get a new phone. Really not so easy to replace especially pictures..etc. So we go to dinner at a restaurant not far from the Gem show location. As we're eating a lady walks up to me staring really hard and funny. I'm taken a little back by her stares. Then she said waving her hands in the air and jumping around as if it was her phone that was lost. "My husband has your phone."I look at my husband and we both laugh, because he had a negative opinion about me putting my picture on my screens saver. So my forgotten experience was a lesson and a gift.

Not Forgotten

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